Frequently Asked Questions




What classes do you offer & what ages do you serve?

We serve students who are two years old on September 1 of each school year through pre-kindergarten age, which is 5-6 years old. 


What are your student:teacher ratios?

Our classes range in size from our youngest class holding 8 students to our oldest class holding 14 students. Each class has one teacher and one aide. 


What are your hours, days, and months of operation?

Our structured preschool hours are 9am-noon.  Early drop off is available. Our younger classes operate two or three days a week. Older classes operate 4 or 5 days a week. We are open through the traditional school year and closed during the summer months. You can find more details on our classes and schedules by accessing our registration form HERE. 


What are tuition rates and when/how do I pay? 

Monthly tuition rates vary for each class and may increase year to year. In addition, snack fees are required to pay for daily snacks. A registration fee and a supply fee is due annually. Tuition is due one month in advance, on the first school day your child attends each month. All fees should be paid by check or money order. Find more information regarding tuition rates and fees on our registration form HERE


What is the class curriculum? 

Busy Bees promotes an emergent curriculum that combines structure with free play. The level of structure varies according to each class. All classes incorporate free play, learning centers, circle time, snack time, music, gross motor play in our gym, and a group activity. All classes focus on a weekly alphabet letter. We also focus on the following skills: letter recognition, counting, fine motor strength/control, pre-writing, cutting, gluing, sequencing, ordering, patterning, prediction, critical thinking/reasoning, predicting, self control, self care/independence, and conflict resolutions. Older classes participate in slightly longer circle times & group activities, to better prepare them for the kindergarten environment. You can find more details regarding curriculum HERE


Is your staff trained in CPR/First Aid?

Yes. All of our teachers and aides are CPR and First Aid certified. You can find all of our staff and their biographies HERE. 


Does my child have to be potty trained?

Our youngest class does not require potty training. However, Students who turn three years old before September 1 of their current school year must be fully potty trained to attend. 


Do you have class parties or special programs? 

Yes. We celebrate all major holidays with small parties in our classrooms. On typical years all of our classes eat a party snack together. We also have smaller special days like Hat Day, Silly Sock Day or Pajama Day. We also have End of Year Programs that are in the early evening. Parents can attend some of our parties on typical years.


Do classes take field trips?

Our younger classes take one field trip to the library in the spring. Older classes take more trips within the community.


Do you serve a daily snack? 

Each class has a small Snack every day. Families pay a small monthly snack fee in addition to monthly tuition. The snack consists of a salty item (chips or crackers), a healthy item (fruit or vegetable), a sweet (cookie, gummies, etc) and juice, milk or water. All students in each class are offered the same snack each day. Birthdays are acknowledged at the beginning of each month and each student in the class gets a mini cupcake.


What if my child has a food allergy? 

Our school is a peanut & tree nut free facility. If a student has other food allergies, we will be sure to keep those foods out of their classroom.


How does diaper changing or bathroom breaks work? 

Each child in our youngest class will have their diaper changed when needed. A diaper mat is used in a separate room and diapers are changed using universal precautions. Each child in our older classes will have one scheduled bathroom break per day but has access to a bathroom should they need to go at other times. Older children are encouraged to complete their bathroom routine independently but will be given help if needed. 


What kind of religious teachings will my child be exposed to?

Busy Bees is a Christ-based preschool and a ministry of Steele Memorial United Methodist Church. We recite pledges to the American Flag, Christian Flag, and the Bible. We say prayer before circle time and snack. We recite one Bible verse each month, focus on basic stories from the Holy Bible, and sing songs about Jesus. 


How do you observe snow days, weather delays, or holiday breaks? 

We generally follow private and public school decisions regarding snow days and delays. We take a full week at Thanksgiving and approximately two weeks at Christmas. We observe a week for Spring Break.


What kind of tools are used to communicate with families?

Busy Bees has a website and a private closed Facebook page for currently enrolled families. We also send home monthly newsletters and calendars which you can find HERE. You can send the director an email HERE. Busy Bees staff will also send frequent text alerts. Staff is available after school hours for conferences by appointment. Staff can always be reached by phone & families are given phone numbers in their Orientation Packets. 


How will I drop off and pick up my child? 

Some Busy Bees classes implement drive through drop off. Our youngest students can be walked into the building at drop off. For pick up, all families wait in their vehicles on the parking lot and staff walks students to their cars. 


What if someone needs to pick up my child other than the usual person? 

All students must have a family information form on file. This form lists pertinent information, including names of people who are permitted to pick up your child. If someone new arrives for pick up, ID may be requested and checked against names on their form. If no ID is presented or the person’s name is not on file, the child will not be released until someone listed on the form approves the person requesting to pick up. 


What if my child has a developmental delay or I suspect my child may have one? 

Please let our director know about any concerns or delays when you have your scheduled consultation. Each class has limited spaces for special needs students. Therapists from local agencies and public schools regularly consult with our teachers and visit our school. 


What is your discipline policy? 

We use natural and logical consequences whenever it is possible. Aggressive behaviors receive time outs. Tantrums are redirected or not given attention. We do tell children no and explain when they have made a bad choice. Behaviors that result in consistent harm to classmates or staff and/or create difficulties continuing with the classroom schedules, will be discussed with caregivers & an appropriate plan to address the behaviors will be developed. In the rare occasion that these behaviors continue, students may be asked to withdraw. 


What is your student vaccination policy?

Vaccinations are required at Busy Bees. We keep a current copy of each student’s vaccination record on file. These are gathered during our orientations before school starts. 


What is your student Illness policy? 

Due to current COVID policies, all students are screened before entering the building. Our screening includes questions regarding exposure or symptoms and taking temperatures. Anyone with a temperature above 99.7 is asked to stay home. Anyone experiencing COVID symptoms is asked to stay home. Anyone with any other contagious symptoms is asked to stay home. If a child becomes ill at school, a caregiver listed on their Family Information Form will be contacted fo pick up the child. 


What is the security policy?

Our building is locked until school begins at 9am each day. After classes begin, the building is locked until dismissal, at 12pm. Cameras monitor our parking lot and visitors must buzz in prior to entrance. 

All Busy Bees staff must pass a background check prior to employment. 


What is your mask policy?

All adults & children over 8 must follow state mandates for face coverings. Busy Bees Students are not required to wear masks although our older students may wear them for a very short period of time if participating in a cooking activity. 


What are your other pertinent Covid restrictions/policies?

Busy Bees follows all state mandates regarding face coverings, large gatherings, and quarantines. None of our classes cross over or join each other. Toys are disinfected throughout each day. Distancing is attempted during snack, circle time, and group activities. Each class has their own set of steps they use when walking through the building. Each class has their own set of gym toys. Bathrooms are disinfected between each class.