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Busy Bees Preschool of Steele Memorial UMC opened in September, 2004. We originally had 3 classes: one 2 year old class, one morning class for 3 year olds through 5 year olds and one afternoon class for 3 year olds through 5 year olds. Beginning in the Fall of 2012, we will have 2-Two Year Old Classes, 2-Three Year Old Classes, 1-Four Year Old Class and 1-Five Year Old Class. Busy Bees Preschool is a non-profit, faith based preschool that operates as a ministry of Steele Memorial United Methodist Church.


Our goal is to provide a safe, secure, and fun environment that allows children opportunities to learn, play, and develop positive, Christ centered social interaction and learning skills.
At Busy Bees Preschool, we will help your child develop a positive self image, learn to socialize with peers and adults, and develop communication skills.  We encourage confidence, spontaneity, curiosity, and self discipline.  We utilize an emergent curriculum, meaning that our classrooms are child-centered while the teacher ensures structure, routine, safety, and developmentally appropriate activities and play.
 A strong emphasis is also placed on providing your child with a Christ-centered learning environment.  Bible stories and verses will be included in monthly lesson plans and will be woven into all aspects of our day.



What Parents Say About Busy Bees...............

I have had the wonderful privilege of having a Busy Bees student for 7 years! Several of those years I had two children there at the same time. As a mother and as a professional I have nothing but fabulous things to say about Busy Bees. I am an occupational therapist for WV Birth to Three. I am in and out of numerous daycares and preschools in the community.  I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Hands down- Busy Bees is the best! Each year at Busy Bees I was able to have peace of mind about the well-being of each of my children. I left for the day knowing that the teachers were loving my children like Jesus loves, teaching them Biblical truths and instructing them with a developmentally appropriate curriculum. The staff were always caring and accommodating to address any behavioral or developmental need that my children experienced while there. I always knew the teachers were on my child’s team. My kids have been well prepared for kindergarten at a local private school and continue to thrive socially and academically. I am grateful to Busy Bees teachers for the excellent foundation they helped us establish.  Shelly Perry mother of Ali Kate class of 2013, Abigail class of 2015, and Eli class of 2018




I cannot say enough about Busy Bees preschool and how much it means to our family! I love the faith based curriculium! I have 3 boys, our oldest is now in 2nd grade and went through Busy Bees for 2 years, our second has been there since he was 2 and is currently 5. He had some speech delays and his 2 year old teacher was quick to point us in the right direction of getting him the extra help he needed. They truly LOVE your children as their own! I don't know of how many "after hours" text I've exchanged with them discussing truimphs and next steps for our boys! We are currently enrolling our littlest bee in the 2 year old class and I cannot wait to see how much he grows and develops. Definitely the best decision we've made for our boys! We have also made some life long friends through Busy Bees! As they say "Once a Bee always a Bee!! Kelly Tucker, Mommy to Zavier. Class of 2016, Zayden, Class of 2019, and Zander Class of 2021.

Both of my grandchildren attended Busy Bees Preschool.  I love the website. I can keep up on the fun things that the children are doing.  The pictures are adorable.  I especially like the funny things that the kids say. I think it's great that the parents can go to the website and know what's going on.  It's like a little reminder that there is a special event coming up.  I'm sure this has to be a huge benefit for the parents and grandparents. I thought the Christmas project where the children help provide gifts for a little girl and boy was wonderful.  It's never too early for a child to learn to give. Keep up the good work Busy Bees!  And I'll keep reading your website. Regards, Sheila AKA "Nan" to Parker: Class of 2007, and Ava: 2008-Class of 2012 Equatorial Guinea, Africa


Our son spent one year at Busy Bees Preschool. What a great experience for all of us! During that time, we watched him thrive!  He developed wonderful social skills, along with a love of school and learning that made the transition into kindergarten very easy for him. The staff is wonderful!  They provide a safe, friendly and well structured environment for the kids. They keep the parents informed and involved in all things pertaining to their children and the school. It is obvious how much they genuinely care about the kids. We could not have picked a better place for our son's first year of school. Mike and Terry, Parents of Ryan: Class of 2011


My son, Andrew, attended Busy Bees in 2010-2011 in the BeeGinners Class. I was reluctant at first because Andrew is high needs and tends to lose focus easily.  However, my fears were for naught. His teacher easily related with Andrew and it was an awesome first experience with school. I was also happy that there was an academic curriculum as well as a spiritual/Christian atmosphere with learning. His teacher easily communicated any issue that arose and was Andrew's First Love! We only attended a new school due to Andrew's IEP, otherwise we would have attended longer. Busy Bees is a wise choice for any child's educational future! Thank you for the great experience, Gina, Mother of Andrew: Class of 2010-2011


Everyone needs to know what a blessing Busy Bees has been to our family. Before we enrolled, I was concerned about Nolan starting preschool. He is not a social bug, has sensitivity issues, and is hard to understand at times. I really prayed hard that God would put him in the right place, whether it be a public or private preschool. One day, we were at speech and I asked his speech teacher where did her son go to preschool, and she said Busy Bees. So, I called and made an appt. to talk to the director. The first day I met her she had on the longest pair of eyelashes I had ever seen!!! That right there told me that they know how to have a good time! While I was talking to her, Nolan got to play in the other room with some of the kids. He really seemed to like it, so we gave it a try. Now I won't lie, he did have problems at first, but Mary really worked with him and me (moms need reassurance too). The problems lessened, and he actually started to play with the kids and really come out of his shell.  I can't tell you how pleased I am with the school and staff. I have actually helped out several times and the entire staff is wonderful! They are always happy and they really do love all those kids, and the kids love them! It feels like one big happy family (or hive)! They allow each and every child to feel special and that it is o.k. to express themselves and be creative! Hinder is not a word in their vocabulary! Your children will get to learn in a fun non stressful environment. They learn how to be independent and helpful to others, learn about God's love, and make some of the cutest crafts you will ever see!!  I am privileged to have Nolan become a Busy Bee. It has been worth every penny!! I feel had I not sent him here, I would have done an injustice to him. Truthfully, I wish I had sent him more years than one! Now if I could just talk them into having a kindergarten class!!! LOL!!  BUSY BEES IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!    Sheli, mom of Nolan: Class of 2012


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Busy Bees Preschool

733 Shaw Street in Rear Parking Lot (door down steps into basement)

Barboursville, WV 25504

304-638-2611 or 304-736-4583